Emotional Baggage

Do you obsess about your past?

Are you still plagued by feelings of guilt, distress, or sadness because of a previous relationship or event?

Do you experience anxiety or discomfort in situations or relationships because of your history?

how to get rid of emotional baggageIf you are struggling to come to terms with a past relationship, event or experience, and the negative effects are making life difficult to handle, then Emotional Baggage Clear-Out is the powerful hypnosis audio to help you perform an emotional baggage check then move forward!

It is a rite of passage in everyone’s life to go through a difficult period and come out the other side stronger and better for it. Maybe you have struggled through a difficult break up, perhaps someone has hurt you or undermined your trust, or maybe you did something you deeply regret. Whatever this life-changing event was, if you have gone through the process of grieving and consoling yourself, but cannot seem to make the leap to rebuilding and strengthening your self-esteem and confidence again, you may need a helping hand to get you over the final hurdle.

Left unchecked feelings of grief, anger and pain can leave you physically and emotionally exhausted, causing you to lose sleep, develop health problems and experience anxiety and stress. These emotions are probably impacting your work, negatively effecting your family and friends, and preventing you from fulfilling your true potential.

Benefits of Learning How to Get Rid of Emotional Baggage:

  • Finally leave negative emotions behind you
  • Relax deeply, sleep better and develop a more positive mind-set
  • Freedom from anxiety and stress
  • Start to thrive at work and home
  • Build stronger and more fulfilling relationships and friendships

Why Is Hypnosis so Effective in Helping to Let Go of Emotional Baggage?

Whilst you cannot simply wipe the negative experiences from your memory, using hypnosis can help you to overcome the lingering emotional effects of your past. You can deal with these memories and emotions in a healthy and productive way, ‘spring-cleaning’ your mind of the all the rubbish that leaves you feeling upset, guilty, or angry. You’re no longer a prisoner of the ‘what ifs’ and ‘whys’ of your past!

Hypnosis works with your subconscious mind to reframe and transform the way you perceive yourself and the world around you. You subconscious is a powerful tool that holds many of our favorite memories and associations – have you ever smelt something that has conjured up a staggeringly vivid childhood memory? The same works for your negative experiences; maybe you have experienced a very destructive relationship breakdown and now find the prospect of dating terrifying. Your subconscious mind has learned to be afraid of romantic relationships, it is afraid of you being hurt the same way you were before. Do not fear though, hypnosis allows you to retrain your mind so those associations no longer control you or what you do, so you learn at a deeper level how to get rid of emotional baggage.

Get Ready to Change Your Life with the Transformative Powers of Hypnosis

Do you want to change your life with the power of hypnosis? In these hypnosis audio tracks, written and recorded by me, expert hypnotherapist Rory MacLaren-Jackson, you can experience my skills and expertise from the comfort of your own home. At my world-renowned clinic on Harley Street in London, I have helped clients from over 62 different countries to make positive transformations in their health, happiness and success.

Will Hypnosis Work for Me?

  • Everyone, at varying levels, is susceptible to hypnosis, so lie back, relax and listen to this effective hypnosis audio for incredible results
  • ‘Emotional Baggage Clear-Out’ works with your imagination to help you progressively remove negative emotions and associations
  • Whether you are a high flying exec or a stay at home parent there’s always a good time to listen to your ‘Emotional Baggage Clear-Out’ hypnosis audio, with both day-time and night-time tracks provided so you can listen when it suits you


‘Emotional Baggage Clear-Out’ – Hypnosis MP3 – Instant Download


Disclaimer: This hypnotic audio product is not intended to be used as a substitute for medical or psychiatric care. Do not use or listen to this audio product while driving or operating machinery.


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Self help products can be a great starting point, supportive tool or complete solution for those wishing to make positive changes.

However, it is my view that 1-2-1 sessions still remain the ‘gold standard’ – the most powerful way for many to achieve rapid and sustainable change in their mindset and behaviours.

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Why Rory M-J HD?

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