30-Day Mindset Challenges

Ready for the challenge of building a positive new mindset? These online coaching packages will help you make ‘breakthrough’ changes in your thinking, behaviours and results achieved.

Working with me over a 30-day period, each results-focused challenge package includes:

  • 4 x weekly 1-hour 1-2-1 Online Coaching sessions (via Skype)
  • HD Coaching Method™ deeper level techniques (inc. affirmation & visualisation)
  • Life Coach Office login and Personal Progress Journal to track your development
  • Nano-Coaching via WhatsApp and email for between-session feedback
  • Self-hypnosis audio to (re-)programme your mind at the subconscious level

Who are these coaching packages for?

Anyone who is ready to challenge themselves to building a new mindset! The key word is challenge – you can’t be a passenger in the process of change, so you must first take the responsibility of accepting your role in the ‘driving seat’. Coaching is an active, collaborative process – the goal is change, not treatment.

Using my  HD Coaching Method™ promoting change at both the conscious and subsconscious level, each challenge is an opportunity to show how much potential you have for growth and how rapidly this can be achieved with the right guidance and support.

Who are these packages NOT for?

It is often said that goal of coaching is to take a functional person from good to great, whilst therapy is designed to take a person from dysfunction to functional. If you are experiencing a deeper-rooted problem or issue, a more therapy-based approach is recommended. To explore my own therapeutic work using hypnotherapy and 1-2-1 sessions for a range of issues please click here.

How does the coaching work?

Each themed package uses a blend of different types of coaching to support a positive shift in mindset during the 30-day challenge period.

There is a weekly 1-2-1 session with me via Skype to introduce key concepts and review your goals / progress. These are also tracked online in the Personal Progress Journal provided with your own personal Life Coach Office login.

Between sessions, I also provide Nano-Coaching support which means you can update me on specific challenges and achievements via email or WhatsApp (with response and feedback within 24 hours).

The final review at the end of the challenge is an opportunity to ‘take stock’ of your progress and for me to provide guidance on both developing and making the positive changes sustainable.

How do I book?

Select from the challenge themes below. Due to limited availability, please contact me to enquire for your next available challenge start dates.

Once agreed, you will be sent an invoice for payment and 30-Day Challenge – Personal Questionnaire, which needs to be completed and returned prior to your challenge commencing.

Positive Thinking – 30-Day Mindset Challenge (£495.00)

If ‘glass half empty’ thinking is holding you back then this challenge will open your mind to start developing a positive new outlook.

 Understand, identify & overcome limiting beliefs

 Perception and how to frame events positively

 Reduce and eliminate negative self-talk

 Program positivity at the subconscious level

Self-Confidence – 30-Day Mindset Challenge (£495.00)

There is nothing better than feeling confident and self-assured, so if your confidence levels need a boost then this challenge is for you.

 Build self-belief for self-confidence

 Project a more confident you to the world

 Behavioural changes for confidence

 Establish deeper level self-confidence

Boost Creativity – 30-Day Mindset Challenge (£495.00)

You can’t ‘force’ creativity but you can create the optimum mindset and behaviours for ideas and creative thoughts to flourish.

 Suitable for any creative or business field

 Creative thinking techniques & approaches

 Overcome procrastination / ‘writer’s block’

 Unlock the creativity of your subconscious mind

Sports Performance – 30-Day Mindset Challenge (£495.00)

The body will only go as far as the mind will take it, so mindset is the key to achieving peak performance in a sporting context.

 Improve focus and get ‘in the zone’

 Powerful visualisations for your sporting goals

 Develop empowering beliefs in your abilities

 Program winning at the subconscious level

Connecting With People – 30-Day Mindset Challenge (£495.00)

We all know the value of being a ‘people person’, but developing genuine rapport can be difficult for many to achieve consistently.

 Learn how to ‘click’ with anyone

 Body language & behavioural guidance

 Network better socially & professionally

 Unlock the creativity of your subconscious mind

Entrepreneur Mindset – 30-Day Mindset Challenge (£495.00)

As an experienced entrepreneur, I know success depends not just on what do, but also how you think – develop the mindset for entrepreneurial success!

 Develop the ‘growth mindset’ for business

 Build resilience & dealing with uncertainity

 Overcome limiting beliefs & self-doubt

 Become a leader inside and outside

Why Rory M-J HD?

I don’t just talk about changing minds, I’m an active practitioner in my field.

I own and run a permanent coaching & therapy practice on London’s world-famous Harley Street.

This brings authority and expertise to both my online 1-2-1 coaching sessions and products.

why choose rorym-j harley street

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